Hojicha powder

Hojicha powder
Hojicha powder
Hojicha powder

Hojicha powder

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Ingredients: 100% organic green tea, roasted then ground
1 cup = approximately 1 g of hojicha


Pour 70 ml of water at 70-75°C over 1 g of hojicha, or a level teaspoon, and mix with a spoon before drinking.
A simple spoon can be enough to mix it, unlike matcha!
Then add more water if desired.

👉🏽 For a LATTE version, hot or cold, top with the milk of your choice, and it's ready!

Hojicha can also be used in pastries, ice cream, smoothies, etc.


Keep your pot of hojicha tightly closed in a cool, dry place (in a cupboard not exposed to the sun for example).
Its taste and benefits will be optimal for 3-4 months after opening.


Made from the veins and stems of the tea plant, parts of the plant that contain very little caffeine, this powdered hojicha can be drunk at any time, and even consumed by children and people with fragile stomachs.

This hojicha is therefore a very good alternative for coffee lovers wishing to reduce their caffeine consumption.


Thanks to its natural calming agent L-Theanine, hojicha relaxes and reduces stress and anxiety. Its Vitamin C fights against skin impurities and preserves its elasticity. Furthermore, hojicha is rich in polyphenols, strong antioxidants known to strengthen the immune system, or even reduce the risk of blocked arteries.

Among these polyphenols, we find catechins, which boost metabolism, facilitate transit and reduce the absorption of fats. We also find EGCG, anti-inflammatories with a very positive effect on pain linked to osteoarthritis.



This hojicha is an organic green tea that is roasted and then ground. The roasting stage changes the taste of green tea and gives it a wonderful toasted flavor that can be reminiscent of coffee or even cocoa.

This tea comes from the veins and stems of the tea plant that were discarded during the production of matcha and other teas. It was born around 1920, in Japan, with an idea of ​​“zero waste”.

Furthermore, in Kyoto, it quickly became a way to attract customers to tea shops, thanks to the incredible smell released by roasting tea.

The roasting process preserves the tea's vitamins and antioxidants but eliminates its tannins, which are responsible for the bitterness of certain teas.


All the Anatae tea plants live to the rhythm of nature mixed with an incredible multitude of insects which are left at home in peace.

- 30g

100% organic green tea roasted then ground

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