Kala Namac Himalayan black salt

Kala Namac Himalayan black salt

Kala Namac Himalayan black salt

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Kala namak is a non-iodized mountain salt produced in an artisanal manner in the pink salt mines of the Himalayas. It is very rich in sulfur, has a pronounced hard-boiled egg smell and a salty taste.

In Hindi, kala means black And namak THE salt . However, this black salt is above all a pink salt – dark purple in color tending to pink once ground – transformed to give a typical color and aroma. If kala namak is more and more often made from industrial salts, the one we sell comes only from pink salt from Himalayan mines. This is an amazing salt worth discovering.

Kala namak is frequently used in the vegan community to give the eggy taste to preparations, in particular to season tofu intended to replace eggs in an omelette.

Black salt is widely used in the cuisines of South Asia, that of Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan. It is used as a condiment or added to chaats (those types of salty snacks that street vendors sell along the streets), chutneys, salads, raita and all kinds of fruits. Chaat masala is a blend of Indian spices that gets its characteristic sulfur aroma from black salt.

Use kala namak sparingly, otherwise your dish risks being inedible!

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